Business overview

About our businesses

Noguchi Seiki Co., Ltd. is a company that:

  • Manufactures diesel fuel-injection pump parts;
  • Takes leading share in the industrial market with high technological strength;
  • Collaborates with customers from the design and development stage;
    Approach from manufacturer’s viewpoint
  • Believes that firm, trusted relationshipstrusted relationships are the cornerstone of any successful businesses.

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Diesel engine

Diesel engines always secretly support our lives.

The diesel engine was invented in 1892 by the German engineer Rudolf Diesel and has been dramatically evolving to date and has become indispensable to our daily lives.
Our products are used not only for passenger cars, but also for large-sized automobiles such as buses and trucks, and for ships, railroads, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, military vehicles and generators, etc., and always secretly support people’s lives to make it convenient in various situations.

Diesel fuel-injection pump parts

Since established in 1951, we have been engaged mainly in production activities of diesel fuel-injection pump parts.

Courtesy of Bosch Corporation

Where to use our products

Our products used in various fields

  • Passenger vehicles

  • Heavy equipments

  • Railway vehicles

  • Ships

  • Electric generators

  • Tractors

  • Trucks

  • Buses

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Our technology and contribution to the industry

  • Polishing / Grinding / Superfinishing
  • Improvement of the surface roughness and dimensional accuracy
  • Development of high-precision machines and equipments in various fields such as medical engineering, aeronautical engineering, etc.
  • Improvement to more sophisticated precision machines, equipments, etc.

Our “ultra-precision processing technology, weight reduction technology and cost-cutting technology” enable innovation of parts and components in various fields.