Corporate profile

Management philosophy

On the basis of the steady management, we devote ourselves with harmonious and cooperative spirit to our studies for quality,
techniques and environment which meets the needs of the times.
And we aim at an international company which contributes to the society through the development of company.


Since established in 1951, Noguchi Seiki Co., Ltd. has been engaged in processing of precision parts, especially in sub-micron order parts and its processing for diesel fuel-injection pumps as our core technology.
We have gained enormous trusts on its “Monozukuri” manufacturing technology through the stable deliveries to the world’ s top manufacturers.
Based on the enthusiastic belief in “Contribute to our society with a passion toward ‘Monozukuri’ manufacturing technology” cherished since the establishment, we have been recognized by our customers and are developed as the global company through not only making continuous study to enhance our sophisticated skills but the quality of products.
There have been growing calls for environmental issues throughout the world, hence more environmental improvement is significantly important.
Under the circumstance, the drastic improvement of product precision for the diesel engine and its field is must to reduce CO2 and nitrogen compounds.
We aim to be a cutting edge of the high precision machining technologies to form our future of people and the earth from our micro-level technologies and its world, and make constant efforts day and night for pursuing the company that contributes to the global society and environment.
In Noguchi Seiki Co., Ltd., each employee is the main character.
We will dedicate to be loved by customers from all over the world and to pursue the environmentally conscious company under the slogan “Making a good company through the quality of work.”

President & Representative Director Toshifumi Kokubun


Name Noguchi Seiki Co., Ltd.
Address Head office / Higashi-Matsuyama plant576-1 Shingo, Higashi-Matsuyama city, Saitama prefecture, 355-0071 Japan
TEL:(+81) 493-24-2880
FAX:(+81) 493-23-7060
Nasu plant187-9 Kumagawa-nishi, Kamigoya-aza, Nasushiobara City, Tochigi prefecture, 329-3127
TEL:(+81) 287-68-0371
FAX:(+81) 287-68-0365
Representative Toshifumi Kokubun, President/Representative Director
Established April 1, 1951
Legal capital 99 Million Yen (as of February 2018)
Employees 200 employees (average age: 40) as of February 2018
Customers Bosch Corporation
Robert Bosch GmbH
Bosch Limited
Denso Corporation
Yanmar Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
and other domestic/overseas automotive companies.


April 1951 Established as “Noguchi Seisakusho” in Higashi-Matsuyama city, in operation as a supplier to “Diesel Kiki Co.,Ltd.” (the current “Bosch Corporation”) mainly for processing and assembling of fuel-injection pump parts and glow plugs on diesel engines.
November 1959 Establishing of “Noguchi Seiki Co.,Ltd.” in Matsumoto-cho, Higashi-Matsuyama city.
November 1988 Establishing of Nasu plant
December 1993 Received the honor “PM Excellent Workplace Award” from ZEXEL Corp.
April 1995 The founder, Torao Noguchi was decorated with the Fifth Class Order of the Sacred Treasure.
May 1995 Completion of the second factory building at Nasu plant.
December 1997 Merger with two sister companies: Gloria Industry Co.,Ltd. and Tiger Kogyo Ltd.
October 1998 Acquisition of ISO 9002 certification for quality management system at Higashi-Matsuyama plant.
May 1999 Acquisition of ISO9002 certification for quality management system at Nasu plant, following Higashi-Matsuyama plant.
September 1999 Introduction of the world’s top class state-of-the-art shape measuring machine and super precision roundness measuring machine.
October 1999 Acquisition of QS9000 certification for quality management system at both Higashi-Matsuyama plant and Nasu plant.
December 2000 Acquisition of ISO 14001 certification for environmental management system at both Higashi-Matsuyama plant and Nasu plant.
December 2002 Acquisition ISO/TS16949:2002 certification as the first company in Japan at both Higashi-Matsuyama plant and Nasu plant.
June 2004 Completion of the third factory building at Nasu plant.
July 2005 Received the honor “supplier award 2003/2004” from Robert Bosch GmbH.
June 2006 Certified as “the preferred supplier” by Robert Bosch GmbH.
January 2007 Received the honor “the general prize, supplier award 2006” from Bosch Corporation.
April 2007 Representative director, Shigeru Noguchi was received the honor “the executive award, Saitama challenge company” from Saitama pref.
February 2008 Specified as “Sainokuni Management Innovation Model Company” from Saitama pref.
March 2008 Signed an agreement on regional safety with Higashi-Matsuyama city police.
November 2009 Relocation of the Head office / Higashi-Matsuyama plant.
August 2014 Certified as “Company that practice diverse work styles” by Saitama pref.
September 2014 Specified as “Sainokuni Factory” from Saitama pref.
February 2017 Takahiro Noguchi, managing director / CEO of Noguchi Seiki Co., Ltd., succeeded as chairperson and representative director.
Toshifumi Kokubun, executive managing director of Noguchi Seiki Co., Ltd., succeeded as president and representative director.


Head office / Higashi-Matsuyama plant

576-1 Shingo, Higashi-Matsuyama city, Saitama prefecture, 355-0071 Japan
FAX :(+81)493-23-7060

■ Approx. 20 min. on foot from Tsukinowa Station of Tobu Tojo Line

■ Approx. 5 min. by car from Higashi-Matsuyama interchange of Kan-etsu Expressway (in direction of “Ogawa/Ranzan”)

Nasu plant

187-9 Kumagawa-nishi, Kamigoya-aza, Nasushiobara City, Tochigi prefecture, 329-312

■ Located approx. 6km north-west from JR Nasushiobara Station

■ Approx. 5 min. by car from Kuroiso-Itamuro interchange of Tohoku Expressway (in direction of “Nasuyumoto/Shiobara/Itamuro”)